Standing Firm on Biblical Morality

It is the Role of the Church to stand firm on the moral standards established in the Bible and generally adhered to over the centuries, if not millennia, by Western Civilization, standards reflecting that which is also innate, embedded in the conscience of all human beings, which is the ability to discern the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, and which governs the conduct of human beings in society.

The Church, and every Christian, is obligated to maintain those moral standards set forth in Holy Scripture.

The Church must stand firm and not be swayed by the whims of society to accept what is morally unacceptable or to condone deviant behavior under the misconception that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, would want us to be accepting of anyone and everyone, regardless of their behavior, in essence, embracing trends and fads that fly in the face of all that the Church has stood for over more than two thousand years. At the forefront now is gender, which is determined at conception, confirmed in a person's DNA, and is immutable, regardless of any and all efforts to change it.

This is not just about Biblical Standards, or conservative versus liberal; this is about reality. Gender remains gender, regardless of one's perception of who they are and any efforts to alter their physical characteristics.

What is intrinsically immoral is allowing or forcing children to choose their "gender" and making efforts to physically change outwardly what is inwardly immutable.

Transgenderism is a myth that is destroying lives and the future lives of children. It is destroying our society and dividing our country. Furthermore, it is immoral and detestable to try to accommodate those who ascribe to this myth. Gender is embedded in our DNA, determined at conception, and cannot be altered by surgery or any other means.

The Church cannot in any way condone this myth or make any accommodation. We may love the sinner but we must assuredly hate the sin and the actions, conduct, and submission to transgenderism, which can only be defined as a sin.

If Christians are not willing to stand firm on Biblical Standards, how then can they call themselves Christians?