All Saints' Anglican Catholic Church
Continuing in our English Church Heritage

Focus on the Cross
Liturgical Worship is always focused on the Cross. From the moment one enters the Nave (main body of the church) through the Narthex (entryway), our attention, our focus is on the Altar and, in the center, the Cross.
It is the Cross that is key to our liturgical worship. The empty Cross on our Altar confirms the completion of Christ's Sacrifice once offered, reminding us that it was there that Redemption came about, the Ransom paid, and the Old Covenant sealed in the Blood of Christ.
Thus, the focus in our worship is always toward the Cross, always toward God.

Traditional Christians

We practice the Faith
as once delivered
by Jesus Christ
to the Apostles
and preserved in the
1928 Book of Common Prayer.

Liturgical Worship

Our principal service is
The Eucharist
more commonly called
Holy Communion

Church Festivals

of the Animals
One of many festivals
celebrated each year